Everyone who is interested in ancient and baroque music, my beloved Maestro Federico Lowenberger was a passionate researcher and an amazing instrument maker, with a particular passion for viols.

I love building this kind of instruments, trying to emulate the work of my Maestro and putting in practice the lessons he taught me, faithfully reproducing original works of great masters and adding some decorations. Here is a viol inspired by the Jacob Stainer model, to which I added a carved head and a non philological decoration on the keyboard and on the tailpiece.

Here is another example of a Jacob Steiner viol, built on the basis of the blueprints of my master.

A bass viol, Gasparo da Salò model, with back and bands in poplar.

A tenor viol, John Rose model

Another tenor viol, Gasparo da Salò model

The Back and the bands of this instrument are made of chestnut.

Soprano viol, Rombouds model